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Welcome to Frontier Innovation Centre, a pioneering non-profit research organization dedicated to advancing technology across borders.


With a heritage of impactful innovations and diverse international expertise, we're shaping the future of intelligent solutions globally.

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Pioneering tomorrow’s solutions, today.

At Frontier Innovation Centre, we're at the frontier of innovation.

At the Frontier Innovation Centre, we drive innovation at the intersection of technology and urban development. As a non-profit research organization, we are dedicated to advancing smart cities, Industry 4.0, and intelligent transport systems through groundbreaking research and sustainable solutions.

Our work spans across creating smarter infrastructure, enhancing mobility with cutting-edge transport technologies, and implementing efficient, technology-driven processes that pave the way for the future.

By fostering collaborations and leveraging our deep expertise, we aim to shape the urban landscapes of tomorrow, making them more connected, sustainable, and technologically advanced.

Our Purpose

Frontier IC is a non-profit entity and aims to promote scientific research and technological knowledge to address critical industrial and societal challenges, such as the need for modernization in the energy, transport, water resource management, food, infrastructure, security, fire management and manufacturing industries, as well as addressing the upcoming challenges of climate change.


We are currently involved in several transformative projects aimed at reshaping urban and industrial landscapes. These initiatives are pivotal in advancing our mission to integrate innovative technology solutions in Smart Cities and Industry 4.0

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