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A Holistic Digital Mine 4.0 Ecosystem

In the context of industrialization, informatization and sustainable development of the mining sector, solution will build a novel mining digital ecosystem and a systemic structure for the implementation of Industry 4.0 in mining industrial environments. solution will embrace the whole mining value chain from resources’ exploration, extraction, and processing to waste management and post mining activity.

Our fundamental concept is the provision of a manufacturing system architecture, under cloud environment, to be applied in the digital twin mining “shop floor”. envisions an innovative cloud services system and a novel mining ecosystem of sharing, interconnection, and open cooperation. will establish a unified data infrastructure and collaborative platform ecosystem to promote the openness and sharing of data and improve the cooperation environment between mining enterprises. aims to enhance systematization of the basic processes of the mining industry, that involve asset and process equipment optimization, through embedded predictive analytics, and optimization procedures based on completely data-driven processes and the integrated cyber-virtual and cyber-physical systems, automation and robotization of mining exploration and production processes, sustainable mining, and post mining management. To meet the increasing social and environmental concerns, will enable a resource optimization and digital transformation framework, embedding specific circular economy and “low-impact mining” strategies. Energy innovations, including the transition to autonomous electric vehicles, will lead to socially conscious profit, while creating a safer and cleaner environment for front-line workers, including higher air quality for those working underground. ecosystem will be validated in different demonstration sites, involving 4 operational mine facilities and 2 historic mine sites, in 5 EU countries. Facts & Figures

  • Project name: A Holistic Digital Mine 4.0 Ecosystem

  • Grant Agreement No: 101091885

  • Topic: HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-06 - Sustainable and innovative mine of the future (IA)

  • Duration: 1/01/2023 – 30/06/2026

  • EC Contribution: € 11 999 256


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