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Services & Products

FRONTIER specializes in the areas of intelligent mobility, smart cities, circular economy and industry 4.0.


IT Consulting & Commercial offerings

Combining emerging technologies (like Cloud Computing, Software-as-a-Service, Big Data Management) in order to help organizations to meet their business strategy goals and benefit from the power of technology innovation; We guide our clients through the end–to-end implementation and provide on-demand advisory support, helping them choose an implementation approach of their comfort zone, select optimal technology, and set up comprehensive data management policies and practices.

Software Integration

Design and development of Integrated IT Solutions and Tailor-made Software, utilizing custom software development frameworks and including training, helpdesk and software engineering outsourcing activities


Big Data & Analytics

Invests on data analytics as its flagship, to help clients realize the value of their data Innovative tools consulting and services, able to transform the unexplored data assets into actionable insights and outputs, driving performance and efficiency, enabling better decisions and bringing real value to businesses, individuals and the society.

Business Intelligence (BI) Services

include designing, developing, and deploying processes and infrastructure for business information analysis and management. Transition creates scalable BI solutions to help businesses transform raw data into immersive reports and interactive dashboards.

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