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About Us

Frontier Innovations is an IT solutions SME, with the mission of delivering innovations expanding the digital frontier, while having an impact on its customers.

We understand the needs of our customers, enabling to make sense out of their data and supporting informed decision making.

The knowledge accumulated the last 25 years between its team members spans cross domain, cross countries and cultures.

It is acquired through well-established collaborations and through the execution of small and large scale projects both of research and commercial nature.

Our Vision

FRONTIER Innovations has been established to deliver leading edge technologies, intelligent technical solutions and consulting services to businesses, organizations and governmental bodies, with the mission of delivering innovations expanding the digital frontier, while having an impact on its customers.

Transforming ideas into Reality

Meet Our Management Team

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Babis Magoutas
Founder & CEO

Babis is hardwired for innovation. With a PhD in information systems, an MBA in techno-economic systems and more than 20 years of experience in leading projects conceptualizing, developing, and marketing cutting-edge technologies, he guides the company as its CEO. Babis has published more than 62 papers and has 3 best paper awards in international peer-reviewed journals and conferences. He has managed more than 25 EU-funded ICT projects and projects addressing societal challenges in a variety of domains including intelligent mobility, industry 4.0, circular economy, fire management, water and energy management and food. He has managed research bids that resulted to grants of over 9M euros. He is capitalizing on his strategic planning ability, extensive knowledge of market trends, R&D background, and management skills to lead the company’s growth and the delivery of innovative solutions expanding the digital frontier, generating value for all stakeholders, and unlocking the full potential of various industries.


Vivian Kiousi
Director of Business Development & Partner

With over 20 years of experience, Vivian has a strong background in expanding businesses within large, international corporations. Her expertise includes planning and leading large, complex projects, notably in research and development, leading to increased sales. She excels in understanding customer needs and effective communication. Her ability to analyze data and plan strategically enables her to identify new market opportunities and forge profitable partnerships. At FI, her focus is on driving growth and establishing successful partnerships.


Kostas Christidis
Chief Technology Officer
& Partner

Kostas has a rich background spanning over a decade in data management, analytics, and software engineering in the commercial sector. With a PhD in Machine Learning, his passion lies in transforming complex data into actionable insights. His experience includes various roles across Europe, where he has led teams in developing innovative data analytics and machine learning solutions. At Frontier, he is driving technical solution delivery and fostering a culture of innovation.


Meet Our Experts

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Ioannis Alexandrakis
Lead Data & Software Engineer 

Ioannis has more than 17 years of extensive experience in IT, having worked with various technologies in multiple fields, both in software and data engineering.

He is specialised in design and implementation of solution stacks for highly-available and scalable server systems, with an additional focus on data engineering.

Having worked either independently or within teams, both as a member and as a lead, he has acquired extensive experience in multiple industries and domains, including Information Security, Banking and Finance, Travel, Advertising and Telecommunications.

Continuously driven by a passion for tech, growth and innovation, he remains committed to broadening the horizons of his expertise and building software that lasts, by upholding the highest of standards.


Angelina Despotopoulou
Senior R&D Engineer & Project Manager

Angelina is a seasoned software engineer and technical project manager with extensive experience in EU-funded research projects since 2019. She specializes in Enterprise Back-End Applications, with expertise in Business Analysis, Systems Design, Implementation and Deployment. With a decade of prior experience in enterprise applications for Hospitality and Commerce, Angelina brings a robust skill set in Coding, Database Design, Testing, DevOps, ETL pipelines and more. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Informatics from the Athens University of Economics and Business (2008), and pursued two Master's degrees: one in Advanced Software Engineering from the University of Sheffield (2019) and another in Blockchain and Digital Currency from the University of Nicosia (2024). Angelina's academic interests also span User Experience Design, Distributed Ledger technologies, Fintech, and Innovation Management.


Konstantina Magouta

She holds a Diploma in Physics, a Master in Energy Management Systems and Environmental Protection, while she is currently a PhD candidate focusing on the application of numerical models and machine learning for environmental engineering. She has more than 12 years of professional experience in the education, research and environmental engineering sectors serving in several positions concerned with technology, algorithm development, simulation, quality control and teaching. She has been involved in collaboration with NTUA in the implementation of the Inventory of GHG in Greece in the framework of the Kyoto Protocol. Konstantina has published 5 peer-reviewed papers in international conferences. At FI Konstantina serves as a PMO incorporating her experience in multi domain contexts into her project management approach.


Vassilis Xiros
Software Engineer

Vassilis has a multidimensional career, graduated from National Technical University of Athens as an Electrical and Computer Engineer with over 2 years of hands-on experience as a software engineer. With expertise in web development, machine learning and data analysis, he has been involved in various projects, leveraging his skills to deliver impactful data-driven solutions. His path is marked with significant achievements in innovation competitions, recognitions and honors, showcasing his ability to innovate by utilizing technology. His participation in business incubators proves that he is able to transform ideas into valuable products. His interests include recommender systems, analytics and data engineering.


Amalia Bozinaki

Amalia Bozinaki is a dedicated and results-driven Project Management Officer (PMO) with a proven track record of orchestrating successful projects from conception to completion. With almost a decade of experience in technical project management, she has honed her skills in navigating the complexities of project landscapes, implementing standardized methodologies, and leveraging innovative tools.  Believing in the power of continuous improvement, she is committed to staying abreast of industry trends and incorporating best practices into her project management approach.


Annette Georgakis
Transportation Systems Engineer

Annette possesses a Bachelor of Engineering degree with honors in Civil and Transportation Engineering and has gained practical experience as a Civil Engineer, specializing in the design and implementation of infrastructure systems. She possesses a high level of proficiency in utilizing various technologies and tools to model and assess infrastructure systems. Annette's expertise in civil and transportation engineering, coupled with her practical experience as a civil engineer, makes her a valuable asset to the team. She has a deep understanding of the design and implementation of infrastructure systems, allowing her to contribute effectively to projects within the mobility sector at FI.


Adam Mróz
Senior Software Engineer

Adam is a performance-driven and dedicated professional with technical expertise in implementing critical state-of-the-art IT solutions.

He is a full-stack software craftsman experienced in creating system architectures, leading teams, and delivering exceptionally built projects. Adam is particularly interested in data science and data engineering (he holds an M.Sc. degree in machine learning and is experienced in building real-time data pipelines), distributed systems, functional programming, domain-driven design, cloud computing, agile methodologies, and cybersecurity.


Serafeim Zormpas
Project Management R&I

Serafeim, is a dynamic and passionate Electrical & Computer Engineer with a diverse academic and professional background. Currently a Ph.D. candidate, he is deeply involved in State-of-the-art technologies in the field of Remote Sensing. His work is characterized by a results-driven approach and a strong focus on Project Management and technological advancement. His entrepreneurial spirit is reflected in his ventures aimed at enhancing community engagement and improving quality of life. His current position as Project Manager at Frontier Innovations allows him to leverage his extensive expertise, overseeing projects with a blend of technical insight and strategic management


Konstantinos Barbopoulos
Software Engineer

Passionate Computer Engineer with background in web development, communication and customer relations. He holds an Integrated Master in Computer Engineering and Informatics from University of Patras , equipping him with a solid foundation in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Technology. Over the past few years, he cultivated a deep passion for coding, immersing himself in the intricacies of various programming languages and technologies. Exceptional organization and presentation abilities as also as enthusiastic to contribute to team success through hard work and attention to detail.


Filippos Gkountoumas-Zrakic
Data Science Consultant

He holds Master's degrees in both Data Science and Electrical/Computer Engineering. With expertise in machine learning and statistical analysis, he specializes in developing cutting-edge data solutions that provide guidance on data-driven decision-making processes. His role involves refining product strategies, conducting insightful data analysis, and collaborating cross-functionally to align data initiatives with business objectives, offering impactful contributions to business forecasting precision.


Margarita Tsarmpopoulou
Software Engineer

Margarita is on the verge of completing her Master of Engineering in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National and Technical University of Athens. Having started her career as a software engineer several months ago, she is committed to continuous learning and innovation. Eager to contribute to the dynamic and collaborative environment of the company, she aims to leverage her academic background to drive impactful solutions. She has a particular interest in the areas of operating systems and data analysis.


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