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Cooperative and Interconnected Green delivery solutions towards an era of optimized zero emission last-mile Logistics

GreenLog accelerates systemic changes in last mile delivery ecosystems for economically, environmentally and socially sustainable city logistics. The project establishes city platforms comprising of inclusive stakeholder Urban Living Labs for nurturing social innovation, designing and deploying innovative delivery solutions while allowing the most effective exchange of ideas, the development of robust, harmonized regulatory and policy frameworks, and cooperative business models that build upon effective public/private-sector collaboration and joint investments.

The GreenLog approach provides an innovative simulation environment for scenario building combining different solutions that allow the integration of last-mile delivery interventions with the highest possible impact on environmental sustainability and traffic reduction, while considering their financial viability.

On the operational level, GreenLog provides cargo-bike based innovations for sustainable micro-consolidation design and deployments, multimodal parcel deliveries integrating public transportation, Logistic as a Service platforms for interconnected city logistics and automated delivery concepts with the use of autonomous vehicles and delivery droids.

The solutions are supported by interconnected city logistics dataspaces that feed dynamic services for proactive optimization of the ecosystem, respecting the interests of consumers, businesses and city stakeholders. The approach is deployed and validated in five cities and areas: Athens, Barcelona, Flanders, Oxfordshire and Ispra.

Special focus is given on the transferability of the proposed innovation, starting from three follower cities with high interests in tailoring and replicating the GreenLog solutions, and continuing with a pan-European outreach with intensive transfearability accelaration actions, setting the ground for the establishment of multiple city logistics Urban Living Labs.

GreenLog Facts & Figures

  • Project name: Cooperative and Interconnected Green delivery solutions towards an era of optimized zero emission last-mile Logistics

  • Grant Agreement No: 101069892

  • Topic: HORIZON-CL5-2021-D6-01-08

  • Duration: 1/01/2023 – 30/06/2026

  • EC Contribution: € 6 260 158


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