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Evolutionary Solutions for Realising a Holistic Safe System Approach for All Road Users

The successful implementation of EU’s 2021-2030 road safety policy is a milestone towards the target of zero fatalities in road transport by 2050 and requires a clear understanding of criteria that influence safety performance, development of solutions that promote safety for all road users, the modernisation of existing infrastructure monitoring approaches and the adoption of methodologies that take into account complex user behaviours.

EvoRoads aims to accelerate the attainment of the Vision Zero EU goal through a holistic framework of innovative models, tools and services that enable data-driven evolution of safety assessment frameworks, facilitate dynamic monitoring of cyber-physical infrastructures and promote the proactive warning for safety risks in complex environments.

At the operational level, EvoRoads defines safety criteria and KPIs quantification methodologies covering the entire spectrum of the “Safe System” approach and develops a connectivity platform where transport infrastructure assets are digitalised and safety assessment services are functioning in a harmonious way.

Advanced AI-driven analytics for fusing infrastructure monitoring data at different geospatial resolutions, on-the-edge sensory and communication technologies for local infrastructure monitoring, a dynamic evaluation of infrastructure readiness solution in supporting the operation of CCAM, a road maintenance diagnosis and prognosis tool, and low-cost smart signs with integrated electronics and embedded components for elicting desirable user behaviours are developed.

The approach is validated at 7 locations in Spain, Italy, Latvia and Romania, addressing different types of infrastructure settings and road users in urban and rural environments.

Interaction with existing programmes on roadmapping and recommendations at national, EU and global level will be promoted, allowing a multiplication effect of project’s results.

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